SHAWAHIQ TAYBA SELF HEALING شركة شواهق طيبة للترميم الذاتي SHAWAHIQ TAYBA SELF HEALING شواهق طيبة للترميم الذاتي
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Healing Agent
With self-healing agent Product for concrete mixtures you can quickly and easily transform any commercially available concrete into a concrete with selfhealing properties
Liquid Repair system
This Product is a liquid repair solution for small, narrow cracks in concrete which cannot be sealed with a mortar. After application the liquid forms a gel which watertight seals the crack
Repair Mortar
With this Product you can repair cracks & remedy leaks in concrete structures.Traditional repair methods have to be repeated often over time, due to expansion of the concrete structure
This profile includes the information about Shawahiq Tayba Self Healing company and all information About bio concrete, such as Advantages, benefits, etc.